Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Richard dawkins recognises God

When I was on Facebook I had a lot of academics as friends (so called) and I would spend hours debating with them in fact that the reason I came off because I spent too much time on it. Most of these Professor, Teachers and Academics were quite correct in their debates accept when it came to “Christians ” people like ex students of mine like Ray askew, Richard Bailey both atheist would mock peoples belief in God with such quotes “as your little invisible friend” and they were fervent followers of Richard Dawkins. So when I listen to him on Radio 4 and made a massive slip up see below, I was overjoyed. Let hope Richard and Ray were listening to their VISABLE friend make a fool of himself and his beliefs

So Mr 'Atheist' Dawkins, what's the full title of your hero Darwin's seminal work? '... erm, oh God!'

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