Thursday, September 15, 2016

Boundary Change is Fair

Boundary Change

Every so often the Boundary Commission, which is independent of Government and political parties, look into the Parliamentary Constituents to see if they are a fair and accurate representation of the People.
For many years people have complained that we have to many MP’s and that the various Constituencies are unfair in their representation of the whole of the Country, some Contingencies have a lot fewer electorates then others, yet they can elect an MP with fewer people. I think you will agree that this is unfair and undemocratic
So the Boundary Commission have said that each Constituency should have the same amount of Electorate as each other. So that is fair everyone’s vote is equal throughout the Country and you would get a fair a representation Parliament. Of course Labour and the woolly LibDems are shouting foul why because they will lose out on the voting pattern of 2015 BUT if they were net gainers would they complain? NO!

I used to favour the first past the post until the last election when I saw 3.8 million people voted UKIP ( I voted Conservative) and get 1MP the SNP have 1.5 million and get 56 MP’s now how can you say that is fair or democratic. So maybe it is time again to look at Proportional Representation?

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