Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why are the Russian War Criminals?

I cannot understand why the West and the Media are calling the Russians war criminals over Aleppo? War is a horrible thing and it is not possible to go to war and only kill soldiers but because civilians are being hurt and killed in Aleppo by Syrian and Russian bombs they must be War criminals?   The question must be asked why are they bombing this area? Simple they are bombing Islamic Militants and their Mercenary allies if the they and the West really cared about the population they should tell the Militants to withdraw and the bombing would stop, aid would get in and the city can be rebuilt. Lets not forget in WW2 London and Coventry were bombed by the Nazis, the Allies bombed Dresden etc. and sent the Dam Buster in to flood the Ruhr valley killing many civilians. To try and Moralise War is ridiculous.
Lets look at the Syrian conflict Assad was and is a dictator but before the war it was a safe place to live the people had job, had money to food and goods people could worship any religion they liked and yes if you did not agree with him you would be tortured and murdered not the sort of person to run a country but the majority fared well.
Instead of War their could have been many ways to unseat the Dictator but were any tried NO. The West led by USA, UK and most probably the Saudis want him removed quickly so when the Arab Spring came about and a Rebel Syrian Group started a Civil War, they encouraged them, financed them and gave them weapons, Why because they thought it would be a quick end to Assad BUT they were wrong because many Syrians fought for Assad not out of fear but loyalty. When Russia and Iran saw that the West was orchestrating this conflict they sided with Assad. Now we are on the verge of a War against Russia, thankfully Cameron has gone who tried to get us to send in planes but was stopped by Parliament But if Clinton gets in watch out she is a warmonger and in the pocket of the Saudi’s.

 Assad is a terrible man but is he any worse then the Islamic Militants? When will the West admit to the mess they have made of the Middle East and when will the British Press, Media and establishment stop peddling Propaganda? Sometime Military intervention is necessary but it must be the last resort not the first one

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