Sunday, September 11, 2016

Val on a Bike at Herne Bay

Herne Bay

This weekend we spent some time at Herne Bay on Saturday night we returned to Charlie’s Bistro and the starter was quite something; White Bait, Humus, Battered Prawns, Battered Cod Goujons, Pitta Bread, Calamari Chips was more like a main meal. What I feel is disappointing is that no ones seems to dress for the occasion, this was a nice Restaurant but people were turning up in shorts, T Shirts etc looking really scruffy. It seems I am old fashioned which is a shame. Interesting to see couple next to us who about our age, which I am sure, were not married. Val said to me how do you know that I replied they are talking to each and laughing married couples do not do that.

Sunday back to Herne Bay on a lovely sunny day ideal for a walk along the promenade and take a look at the Motor Bikes. Val liked them as you can see by the photo hopes she doesn’t want to buy one as they are very expensive. Tried the Turkish restaurant for a snack I had the Liver, which was excellent, will be back. 

Always meet someone form Sittingbourne this time it was Stumpy and his  young lady and then my Granddaughter Connie appeared. You always have enjoyable walk in Herne Bay, I wonder if you can remember the TV Series which was called CockleSea which was filmed in Herne Bay

Herne Bay always brings back memories of the many Judo/Sambo events held on the Pier (now demolished) 

I have said in the past I am surprised how many people have dogs but this women take the biscuit (pardon the pun)  she had six dogs 

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