Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Things have certainty charged in the last 50 years. I wonder how many people even know what Good Friday is? I know a lot of kids who are School do not know the meaning of the Christians most Holy of days. Luckily enough my youngest 2 grandchildren went to a Catholic School. For those who not know Good Friday is when Jesus Christ died on the Cross and Easter is when he rose from the dead. 
50 years ago all shops would be closed on Good Friday and Pubs would have Sunday Opening. Now we have secularist society who’s religion is self-gratification and purchasing power and ridicule is poured upon people who believe in Christianity. Many see this period as just another Holiday I have to remind people that holiday is an abbreviation of Holy Day
Our History, Morality etc. is based on Christianity both are being forgotten in a headlong dash for Political Correctness

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