Tuesday, April 11, 2017

My take on Syria

Listening to all reports about the Missile Attack by Trump you have to ask the Following questions
1) Did he use Chemical weapons? If you listened to the West Establishment and Media he did But I am not so sure. Why? He had nothing to gain by using chemical weapons and everything to lose, yet the terrorists who are opposing him do gain a propaganda victory by its use and remember ISIS and the rebels have used Chemical weapons. The important thing is that no one trusts what Government says or what there Intelligence services say.
2) Why bomb aircraft field, which is helping to defeat Isis, surely this gives the Terrorists another propaganda victory?
3) Many say he made an attack without UN sanction True but who are the UN? The UN says that Islam is the most peaceful of all religion? So a Buddhist is violent? A UN who’s human rights members include Saudi Arabia, Qatari, Egypt, Indonesia all of whom have Human Rights problems in their country. The UN refused to listen to alternative version to the Chemical incident suggested by the Russians? So why should you need to get a sanction from an organisation that’s not fit for purpose?
4) To justify a large military the USA especially have to justify their existence and the way to do this is to have a War and if Trumps make another attack that is what we will have.
5) The Media and government continually bleat on how the Majority of Syrians wants to get rid of Assad, if that is the case how is he winning the war? To me that means he has the backing of the people unlike the so-called rebels, which consist of mainly foreign nationals financed and supported by the West. Saudi Arabia and Qatar
6) So who started the Syrian Conflict? Before this war Syria was most probably the safest place in the Middle East it was completely secular and allowed all religions. OK if you apposed the regime they were very evil and because they sided with Russian and Iran they were considered the enemy of the West. With the start of the Arab Spring the West, led by the USA and UK, saw a chance of defeating Assad and installing a puppet regime so they aided the Rebels with weapons and funding
7) Have we not learned from Iraq and Libya that destroying dictatorships only makes things worse. The reason we have Isis is because of the wars in these two countries
8) I have to laugh at Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond who now dictating there must be peace talks with out Assad, what right have they to tell a Sovereign Country who should attend peace talks? Especially as Assad has a large support from Syrians and is winning he Civil War, Yet it is the hypocrisy of the US, UK etc. that annoys me the most. They accuse Assad of being an Evil Monster which he most probably is, yet they supply Arms and are friends of Saudi Arabia who’s human rights are some of the worst in the World, who treatment of women is a disgrace and there promotion of their form of Islam is what is behind most of the terrorist attacks in the West.
I thought that the establishment had learned from their defeat in Brexit that they have to listen to Joe Public but no they do not even consider us I will bet that if the Public had a vote on the problems in Syria, nearly all would say do not get involved in any physical activity in the region. Remember JAW JAW rather then WAR WAR

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