Monday, April 03, 2017

Seasalter Again

Great Weather here at my Static in Seasalter Kent. The unique thing about Seasalter there is next to nothing here. 
Val at Seasalter

I used to come here with my parents in the 1950/60’s and they would not see any difference if they returned today, not many places that you could say that. Once again there was something else from the past that has not changed that is a farm between Teynham and Conyer. They have a field of Chicken, Ducks and Quail and you purchased the eggs using an honesty box. Free Range eggs at a reasonable price and the Duck Eggs are delicious.

In Whitstable we stopped at Café/Pub to have a coffee when a middle aged women walks in with bike leans it against a table talks to some other women then asks the Staff to look after her bike while she goes shopping. I hope other establishments don’t start using this craze. Mind you it reminded me of an incident some 30 years ago when I had a bar at the rear of our Martial Arts Club in Sittingbourne. A drinker of the Club Bar shall we call him Lenny was known to use exotic tobacco, one day he rode his bike around the bar and left saying to my Father (Nobby) where’s Terry a reference to the TV series Minder, customers just looked open mouthed. Needless to say we had to put a sign up NO VEHICLES ALLOWED IN THE BAR just in case he turned up on a motorbike

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