Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Reply To MP on Tommy Robinson

I received a reply from my MP Gordon Henderson on Tommy Robinson. It seem I am not allowed to copy his email but I expect from my reply you will guess what his response was 

Of Course Gordon you are satisfied with the Sentence you are part of the problem as is the rest of Parliament along with the establishment. To suggest that the Police and Judges are independent is laughable both groups are now led by left wing politically motivated leaders. With regard to him pleading guilty he was following his Solicitor advice expecting a slap on the wrist. Articles are appearing where it is suggested that the Judge was not impartial whether this is true or not will be only be proven if he is allowed to appeal. It is interesting there are many videos showing others making Hate crime and making Hate speeches yet because they are of a specific religion they are not prosecuted BUT when they are prosecuted found guilty like Militant Cleric  Anjem Choudary, who preached hate over two decades with seeming impunity from legal punishment, was jailed for five years and six months for his activities to support Islamic State. He is being released after serving 2 years, NOW will Tommy be released after doing 36% of his Prison time and he is not a threat to society?
There has been over ½ million signatures asking for his release, there has been massive demonstrations throughout the UK but also in Australia, Canada and the USA there is systematic disapproval of  our Political Establishment from Brexit to the jailing of Tommy Robinson and Britain First martyrs where the ordinary person is not being listened to. This country is becoming more like a Dictatorship and the Dictators are the unelected House of Lords, unelected Civil Servants, elected MP’s who ignore their constituents once they are elected all backed by the Political Indoctrinated PC Police and PC Judges
The best comment was made by LBC Presenter Maajid Nawaz who is of Pakistani Muslim Heritage He said basically the Following “ We are making Tommy Robinson the Bogey Man (and I include Britain First) and yes he did break his court order and was sentenced. Yet the question of how he became so prominent in the UK and the World? It was because the Establishment, Parliament, Police, Judges, Press, Media ignored the systematic Grooming by predominantly Pakistani Muslim Gangs for nearly 30 years because they were frightened to upset the Islamic faith. If all these people had done their Job properly in the first place thousands of white and Sikh girls would not have been harmed and Tommy Robinson would not be on the scene here is a link if you do not believe what I written click on this link https://youtu.be/1FniPiSLut8

Tommy Robinson is a Political Prisoner because he made Public what the establishment did not want to hear he is not a Common Criminal as you the media Establishment make him out to be. There is a ground swell in this country which is looking for an alternative to the 3 Major Political Parties and all of them need to listen to the people rather then Navel Gazing

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