Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Native Brits make up just 75% 0f UK

Please, just for 45 seconds, sit still and read the rest of this letter very, very carefully - this is very important.
Once upon a time, invasion by military force could decide the fate of a nation and people - now it is invasion by immigration and conquest by the cradle that is engulfing our country.
All the while we're told to pat ourselves on the back and offer praise to how "enriched" we are becoming.
Native British people now make up only 75% of the total population - that's down from approx 90% since 2001.
After thousands of years, London is finished as a British city as we are now in the minority in our own capital and our city is run by an Islamist mayor.
Cities across our nation all mirror the same pattern: Native British people are dwindling in number while the numbers of so-called "ethnic minorities" increase rapidly.
Ethnic minority populations, particularly Muslim and Third World, have increased at an astonishing rate.
By the cradle and the womb, our nation is being changed forever - we need you to help us fight for our nation.
High immigrant birth rates, coupled with ongoing mass immigration, will see the British people become an aged minority in their own land in your lifetime.
This is the reality your children face: Over 40% of the population of Britain will be Muslim in just 20 years time.
So the question remains: What are you going to do about it?
Britain First will not sit back and watch as our country is taken from us - we are organising to take it back!
Trade Unions or dodgy businessmen do not shovel money into our coffers like they do with the "Old Gang" establishment parties.
We survive on generous contributions from the ordinary people of Britain.
What we desperately need is stable, monthly funding to execute our campaigns and operations.
HQ is urgently all solid patriots to sign up to a ‘Patriot Pledge’ - a monthly recurring donation to help provide the stable funding we need to take our country back.
It doesn’t matter what you pledge, even £3 a month can make a mighty difference!
Doing nothing is no longer an option - our country is heading for disaster and Britain First is the ‘frontline’ in this battle.
Please click on the link below and make your pledge today:
Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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