Sunday, June 10, 2018

Can you trust the Press and Media

Thank God for Social Media. Yes we all know a lot which appears is Fake News but the Videos do not tell lies and the more you watch social media the more chance you have in seeing the truth. Quite a statement but for years before Social Media we had to rely on the Press and Media and we expected them to tell the truth BUT since then we see that all these outlets have their own Political agenda especially the Left Wing Press like the Guardian, Daily Mirror and Left Wing BBC. Yet I have seen the Right Wing Press twisting facts to fit their Agenda. Many year ago I used to read the Daily Herald this then changed to The Sun it was then I changed to the Daily Mail which obviously suited my political leaning but over the last few years I have noticed they even twist facts
It came to head with Brexit, Tommy Robinson  and Britain First the latter two have practically no reports when it is reported the facts are twisted. Take the recent Tommy Robinson Demo in London the DM reported that a 1,000 supporters took part in reality there was several thousand, some say there was over 10,000 when looking at the videos you can see this and the DM refused to allow any comments, the same happened with the singer Morrissey who had a article about his comments on his sympathy for Tommy Robinson, this article was refused any comments

Violence explodes at Tommy Robinson protest after Dutch far right MP Geert Wilders calls for him to be released from jail and the EDL's founder's supporters injure police officers near Downing Street
This was wrong but the problem is since the arrest of Tommy Robinson and Britain First lots of ordinary people see the Police as the tool of the Establishment and is seen as the enemy. The Police need to get rid of some of their Left Wing Senior Officers and make the Police organisation a Force that upholds the Law for everyone not just Establishment and Politicians.

The left want this picture taken down because it shows the whole of London calling for Tommy Robinson to be released!

Police Attack Tommy Robinson Supporters was there need for this violence by the Stasi Police. Do they use this force when antifa have Demo's?

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