Friday, February 02, 2018

Is Robinson to Blame for Frinsbury attack?

Finsbury Park terror suspect Darren Osborne read messages from Tommy Robinson days before attack, court hears
Yes the Press Medial MP’s and the Snowflake Establishment are all trying to blame Robinson for this attack they infer he was involved? Yet there is no proof that he had any personal dealings with the Nutter Darren Osborne but our Establishment Press along with the media especially the BBC continue with their Fake News and Liars. Recently BBC interviewed Robinson for 20 minutes, which will be cut to 4 minutes, he was not allowed to film the interview, and he wanted this so he could get an accurate recording of what happened. Any way Robinson has made a reply in a Film Clip, which I hope you will all watch. The big advantage of Social Media is that the Political Elite and the Establishment can no longer block News events.
I have also included a Clip from the son of a leading Hamas Leader who says Islam needs to change

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