Tuesday, February 13, 2018

BBC PC and Tommy

Yesterday I mention the PC attitude of the BBC with regard to Call the Midwife, well the corporation has surpassed it self with the new Drama Collateral.

This Drama starts with a shooting of a Pizza Man who turns out to be Syrian Refugee, the investigation is led by a Young Detective who is a women, it seems the victim has two illegal Sisters who live in a Garage and can speak no English but work illegally in a hotel. Also other Characters include a Labour MP who ex wife is an alcoholic, a female Vicar who is a lesbian who shares her accommodation with her lover a very young Chinese’s illegal immigrant. She mentions her Bishop is Homosexual whose boyfriend works in a massage parlour. The killer is not a man but a women Captain in the Army. I expect the story will move on to where this is a revenge killing from something that happened in Syria.

So there you have a complete PC Drama We have women featured in all the leading rolls, illegal immigrants, Black economy, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Labour MP, Female Alcoholic, I am surprised there is no Transgender Males or Females. One wonders if these writers have ever been in the real world?

Here is another Clip from a TV interview with Tommy Robinson, where he tears the interviewer to pieces and why because she continually tells liars about what Tommy has supposed to say and done. I have said before our Press and Media will only report what is part of their agenda it has been a long time since they presented the FULL NEWS. I have a lot of time Tommy and Nigel Farage because they tell as it is. Tommy tells us what Islam is about but does not invade shops and Mosques like Britain First, Nigel tells us the true facts about the EU. If these two were members of the Main Stream Parties they would have to play the Political Establishment line the reason they can speak the truth is their Independence

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