Monday, February 12, 2018

Call the Midwife and Pakistan

I enjoy Call the Midwife as I am of the age where I can remember some of the things in the programme. Yet why is that the BBC always try to bring their own PC beliefs into these various shows
This week the story revolved round a Pakistani Muslim Husband and Wife running a successful business. The husband returns from Pakistan with another wife who is pregnant instead at looking in depth at this occurrence they tried to smother it over with GUSH. The new wife is just 15 in our laws she is a minor and the husband is a pedophile, does anyone report this NO and the response is they allow that it in Pakistan so it is OK. Well they also stone to death Women who have been raped or committed adultery plus women can be beaten with a stick is it then OK to bring these barbaric customs to the UK just because they can do it in Pakistan? Why did they not emphasis the fact that this man can marry other women and bring them to the UK?
It is interesting that Islam allow men to have many wives BUT the women can not have many Husbands, Men can have sex slaves Women can not have sex slaves, Men if they die for Islam can go the next world and have 72 Virgins. Islam is about treating women like Baby Makers, Sexual Objects and workers in other words a women is to be subjugated by men and not the equal of men. Once again the BBC and the establishment try and hide what is true Islam is

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