Friday, February 09, 2007


As someone who believes that “CLIMATE CHANGE” has become an excuse to TAX the people and give more power and control to the executive (Government) I am always interested in hearing opinions from the fringe as the Government, EU, United Nations, Green Lobby are absolutely convinced that “CLIMATE CHANGE” is down to the Human Race. I included a couple of little snippet from the EUROPEAN JOURNAL:

Several years ago I was privileged to meet Bjorn Lomborg, who came to the world's attention as "The Sceptical Environmentalist"( Starting out as a green, he set out to debunk the work of climate change sceptics -- and managed to convince himself that he'd been wrong, and that they were right. The key insight I took away from that meeting was this: it is estimated that if Kyoto were fully implemented (clearly it won't be), then the impact on average global temperatures in a century's time would be a mere 0.2°C -- almost too small to measure.

Is climate change happening? The world has got somewhat warmer in recent decades, though it is still cooler than it was in 1200 AD, in the Mediaeval Warm Period. It is not clear whether the warming is a long-term trend, or is in some respects cyclical, influenced by solar changes. Forty years ago, scientists were predicting an imminent ice-age.

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