Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is Labour like Nazi Germany?

Dear Editor

Most small local papers try to keep their focus on local issues unless a national event happens in their area but sometimes an issue is so big it transcends this ideology. I refer to the recent “GAY ADOPTION” the Labour party are besotted with the idea of making Homosexuals a superior being but this issue is not just about “GAY RIGHTS” it actually attacks religious beliefs on conscience, Catholics especially are being told a Government (MAN) what they should believe in, how long will catholic doctors be told that it is their legal duty to perform an abortion even though it is against what they believe and it could stretch to other religions beliefs. Will it soon be a legal requirement to have no religion to become a politician? Rocco Butiglione was vetoed as Italian European commissioner by a militant alliance of gay activist and pro abortionist and why because he held mainstream Christian views, how long will be before you are not allowed to read books which don’t promote homosexuality as the norm? How long before school are closed because they promote marriage as the norm? Far fetched it is happening already in Sweden Lutheran Pastor Akor Green was imprisoned for a month because he proclaimed that Homosexuality according to the Bible was wrong.
This Labour Government has opened up a can of worms which goes to the very soul of our right to free speech and our right to worship in freedom, Christians and Christianity is under attack the forces of evil are hard at work and do not think it will just stop at the Catholic Church all religions will soon come under this governments heel. We head fast to a regime like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

My question is what does our Local MP Derek Wyatt have to say and what does any potential MP have say regardless of Political persuasion come to that let even ask our local councillors there opinion.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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