Thursday, February 01, 2007


Will there be a Bloody Revolution in England

This to some maybe a stupid a provocative question but I fear for the future of my grand children WHY because we Englishman and I do not mean just the Anglo Saxon tribe but those people of different coloured skin who also consider England to be their home land are becoming nothing but serf to the political classes. Can you wonder why people do not want to Vote when our Government and Parliament never listen to what the people want, we are considered to ignorant and stupid to understand what is good for us, an MP know longer represents the views of his or her constituents on being voted in they become God like figures and their heaven is Parliament and it little village. The recent Gay Adoption was further proof that they no longer listen go down to any pub, café and street corner and the majority will tell you their disgust at the fact this law is to be passed, the government now consider themselves more then Human Beings they have taken on the mantle of God despising 2000 years of Christianity.
Law and Order is on the verge of collapse as is our Health Service, there are now law and regulations of where you can walk to what rubbish you put in your bin every aspect of Englishman life is becoming under the control of Government and I say Englishman for it seems the flow of legal and illegal immigrants are a law unto themselves.

What can be done? Make voting compulsory? Introduce Proportional representation, do away with all the top bureaucrats and make their positions political one so if they do not do the job they will go in 5 years?

The problem is not just the British Parliament but the even worse dictatorship of the European Union most probably the most corrupt organisation in the World hiding under the disguise of a Democratic Institution. A proposed European Constitution was soundly rejected by the people of France and Holland but NO the EU President has decided that NO actually means the people of the EU do not understand and once again only the Politicians know what is for the best and they will do anything to get their own even if means cheating an example of this was at a recent EU Parliament Monthly Voting session acting President Antonios Traketellis called for a vote on an amendment he supported after studying the 600 hands raised he declared the amendment approved when some MEP’s challenged his decision and asked for an electronic vote they found the amendment had been rejected by a massive 502 votes by all counts this is a common occurrence.

So will a new Government make any difference well I hope so but its seems David Cameron enjoys the favour of the Political elite maybe he should try to gain the favour of the people first and become a leader rather then another Dictator like the one we have at present.

So will there be Bloody Revolution If Parliament continues to ignore the Public Will, then the only other alternative is revolution and all the disasters that entails.

Martin Clarke

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