Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Alan returns from Afghanistan

You may have seen one of the Swale Martial Arts Club members in the various tabloids on Monday; it was of course Cpl Alan Cain cuddling his two children. Why was he doing this, well he was a member the TA London Scottish Regiment who had just returned from active service in Afghanistan. You may also have also seen the pictures where these troops paraded through London without any member of the public cheering them on.

What a despicable country Great Britain has turned into where true hero’s, where men and women are willing to lay down their lives to protect us from terrorists yet we the public can not even celebrate their return home. Had this been a winning Football team you would not have been able to move the same would be for a pop band or celebrity and the only threat to their lives would be the amount of drugs or alcohol they consumed. Can you imagine what will happen if England wins the Rugby, there would be loads of politician singing the team there praises and knighthoods would go out of fashion
This government sends these troops out to be killed, then get embarrassed when they return at least Maggie Thatcher gave our troops a parade for their deeds in the Falklands but then again she did not court Celebrities and pop stars she dealt with real people.

I hope those who lived in the area where the parade was feel thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne

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