Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sittingbourne People want referendum

I am proud to say I spent a couple of hours with Gordon on Saturday getting some signatures, I thought it was about time I stopped complaining and done something

LOCAL Conservatives were out in Sittingbourne High Street at the weekend as part of their campaign to force Prime Minister Gordon Brown into holding a referendum before ratifying the EU Reform Treaty.

The EU Treaty, which transfers more powers from Westminster to Brussels, replaces the European Constitution which was resoundingly rejected by voters in France and Holland, but has now been resurrected under a different name.

Led by Parliamentary Candidate, Gordon Henderson, the campaigners received lots of attention and support from members of the public, who queued to sign the Conservative petition calling on the Prime Minister to honour the promise in the Labour Party manifesto at the last election to hold a referendum on the EU constitution.

The Conservative campaign was supported by The Sun, which has launched its own campaign for a referendum. The national newspaper supplied flags for the stand, which was set up outside the Forum and also sent along a photographer to take pictures of the campaigners.

Gordon said:

‘This was the best supported campaign we have ever organised. In just two hours we collected over four hundred signatures.

‘People were queuing to sign our petition because they are really angry about the way the Prime Minister is refusing to deliver on the Labour promise to hold a referendum before ratification of the new EU Reform Treaty.

‘Mr Brown maintains that this treaty is different to the EU Constitution, but that is nonsense. The documents are almost identical, which is why the Irish government is allowing its citizens a referendum.

‘Why is the Prime Minister scared of letting the British people have their say on this very important issue? First he chickened out of calling a General Election, now he is chickening out of holding a referendum.’

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