Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sainsbury call its workers lazy

Dear Editor
Sainsbury recently announced that immigrant workers are very Conscientious, hard workers and will take on more then one job, indigenous British workers can learn a lot from them.

Well I would like to speak up for the Sittingbourne Sainsbury Worker, I have always found them smartly dressed, polite , helpful and always busy, the few I know personally are very hard workers.
One must asked the question if the British Worker is such a lazy bunch how did Sainsbury made its massive profits over the last 50 years? Sainsbury workers have been very loyal to the company maybe the company should respond the same.

Sainsbury like many companies have their own language every sentence they make has a hidden meaning so I have translated some Sainsbury Speak:
1) Very Conscientious = Do as they are told regardless, i.e. slave mentality
2) Will take on more then one job = Will work excessive long hours (this can cause health and safety problems due to tiredness)
3) Hard Workers = When told to jump they ask how high.
What Sainsbury is really saying here is a group of workers who we can take advantage of to make even bigger profits for the Fat Cat owners, Sainsbury has no loyalty to its work force or Great Britain its only loyalty is to the management and share holders, The British Worker is expendable.
Can I suggest if Sainsbury employ a disproportional amount of immigrant labour we all boycott the store?

The above can apply to medium size builders and farmers who now refuse to employ British workers

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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