Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Conservatives Back On Top

Gordon Henderson cutting away the Bacon from Labour

Conservatives back on top
As a Conservative I obviously want a Conservative Government but in the past it has been anything is better then this Soul Destroying Government yet this weeks conference give me confidence that the next Conservative Government can claim the country back for the British people for example they pledge to:
1) Increase to £1 million pounds the Inheritance Tax threshold
2) Build more Jails so we can lock up the scum who ruin our lives, criminals to be treated as criminals not victims of society.
3) Stop earl y prison release
4) Tougher Immigration Laws
The one thing that has affected many steel workers in Swale was the Pensions debacle so I have attached a letter from Swale next MP Gordon Henderson

Gordon Henderson
Date: 1st October 2007
Release date: Immediate
Subject: Gordon “absolutely delighted” at Tory promise to help ASW pensioners

LOCAL Tory Parliamentary Candidate, Gordon Henderson, says that he is “absolutely delighted” David Cameron has promised to help workers who lost all, or most, of their pensions when their company pension schemes were wound up.

The issue has been a hot topic locally since ASW went into liquidation and workers at the steelworks in Sheerness saw their pensions destroyed overnight.

The Government eventually stepped in and set up the Financial Assistance Scheme, but the scheme only provides pensioners with 80% of their anticipated pensions and there are such long delays in processing claims that only 2000 pensioners have actually been helped, out of an estimated total of 125,000 victims.

Now David Cameron has promised that a Conservative government would immediately provide a £30 million a year “lifeboat fund” to provide immediate help to those facing hardship because of the loss of their pensions. As an interim measure, he promised that the Treasury would provide a £30 million loan so that victims could receive their proper pensions whilst the lifeboat fund was being set up.

Gordon said:
‘I am absolutely delighted that David Cameron has made this unequivocal pledge. So many weasel words have been spoken over the past few years as Gordon Brown and his Labour Government have tried to wriggle out of their moral obligation.

‘At last ASW pensioners can see an end to their struggle. They now have a cast iron guarantee that they will receive justice under a Tory government.’

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