Sunday, June 15, 2008


I am a regular listener to the John Gaunt Show on Talk Sport Radio and most of what he says I agree with but over the last few months, as he has become more famous; his ego has gone out of control. He is a loud mouth and not frightened to say what he believes in something I admire in him but he will not give people who disagree with him any chance to put over their point of view before he starts shouting abuse at them and then cuts them off. This shouting has now extended to his staff who he continually insults. GB needs more John Gaunt’s who actually tell you what the British Public are saying rather then those Lefty Liberal elite who report what the British should be saying but Gaunty should stop the shouting and give those who have different views more of a say if he doesn’t his supporters will soon be giving him the heave ho.

Are you sick and tired of the Celebrity culture I know I am. The latest is Rooney’s Wedding, I am told he is a famous football player, which has been reported to cost £5 million. Rooney his Bride and all those attending this farce should hang their heads in shame, in world where people are starving, where tens of thousands have died because of natural disasters £5 million on wedding lasting three days? What he should have done was to have a lavish wedding in his home town costing say £100,000 (even that is a lot) the rest of the £5 million could then have been spent on some sort of charitable trust in his wife’s name, this would be a wedding present that would last for ever a continual reminder of their wedding day. If some silly celebrity magazine wants to spend millions on exclusive photo’s let them but then put the money into the trust. With some British workers barely taking home £200 a week Rooney’s wedding was OBSCENE

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