Saturday, June 14, 2008

Is this women a coward

You and your readers know I am a regular contributor to your paper and my views are not always shared by other people, they in turn write in to oppose my views. This is good as it creates debate, which is how we make our democratic system work. What annoys me are those people who send anonymous letters, these cowards just want to let loose some vitriolic bile but do not have the Dear Editor
courage to put a name to their accusations which 99% cases are untrue.
Two cases recently come to mind I had one of these letters posted to me after you printed my letter on “Mary Whitehouse” I will quote the first two paragraphs “How dare you lecture people on obeying and respecting parents, drinking alcohol, punch ups and violence. You have no reason to feel smug at all and I am fed up with you preaching to everyone in your patronising letter to the EKG” I did not think I was lecturing, Smug according to the dictionary means complacent some thing I am not. The writer who is a woman then goes on to blame all her ills and misfortunes over an incident that happens years ago with one of my off spring the youngest would then have been 13 years old! Her letter would not have been printed because of it inaccurate and libellous content but instead being anonymous and vitriolic why not criticise the content of my letter putting her views forward.

The next letter concerned some sheds I built next to our Judo Club in East Street it seems someone did not like them so the Council made me pull them down, the same person then complained because the their was a mess, then the Council decided that two of the Flats that had been on the ground for many many years would need a Lawful Development certificate which in total came to over £1300 this took over a year to complete. Yet the only good thing to this saga was I asked for copies of the letters of complaint, these were given to me with the names and addresses of the complainants, who complaints were at best were total inaccuracies and at worst a deliberate pack of lies . Because of this I was allowed to correct all these inaccuracies to the council and my Certificate sailed through. This was a prime example of people trying to use anonymity to cause harm to some else pleasingly this backfired and their cowardly actions were found out.

To finalise being anonymous writer is an act of coward ness and they will eventually be unmasked

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

For those who been follwoing the Shed/Flat saga

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