Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ultimate Force

Have you been watching the Programme on ITV featuring the SAS called Ultimate Force, which I enjoyed except for the ridiculous idea that a women would be in an active SAS unit. I have never heard of a women being an active member of real life active SAS service unit if I am wrong please correct me.

The problem I have with TV we very easily take what we see as factual yet most programmes rely on the imagination of the writer, who in a lot of cases have there own agenda. Sadly to say if a writer continually basis his or her stories on their own bias there ideas will be eventualy be accepted by the public especially if it is a very popular programme. You must remember TV and Film are very powerful political tool used by a lot of unscrupulous people. If I need a car I would buy one from a car dealer I may enjoy the car but that doesn’t mean I trust the salesman, the same can be said of TV enjoy it but do not trust the writer or producer.

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