Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Read this and tell me there is Justice

MALIA 2008

This is an email that i have sent to MP Hazel Blear and thought i would send to you all for your kind support. Thanks.

Dear Hazel.

I am Maggie Hughes the mother of Robert Hughes who was attacked in Malia on June 17Th 2008 while on holiday by 5 British thugs who smashed him repeatedly around the head with bottles and kicked him repeatedly in the head until he lay there bleeding from his ears and was left lifeless in the busy streets of Malia outside a nightclub to die.

He has had to undergo so far 3 life saving brain operations to help ease the pressure from squashing his stem in the brain and to save his life. Robert had to have half of his skull removed and was in a coma for nearly 4 weeks. We are now waiting for Robert to have his 4Th operation to place the left side of his skull put back into place to support his brain and we have been told that approximately 3 weeks later we maybe able to arrange for Robert to be airlifted back to a hospital in England to undergo further hospital treatment and care.

As a family we feel very lost and alone as we are still here in Greece nearly 10 weeks later and Robert still has a very long way to go and he has lost a lot of his memory and is very child like which is destroying us as a family to see the damage that has been done by these 5 cowardly British thugs who attacked my son in an unprovoked attack..

I nearly lost my son twice as we were told on 2 occasions that there was no hope for Robert and it was up to him to pull through. After the second operation Robert woke up in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) paralysed down the left side of his body and also was blind in one eye due to them fracturing my sons eye socket by breaking the eye bone and affecting the nerve near his eye.

As a mother and a family we have been through hell and back being in a foreign country not knowing the language and having to take in that my son that is a footballer, a football coach for children and a fitness instructor may never be able to do this ever again. All because 5 thugs wanted to play a game of football with my sons head and destroy him until he had nothing live for.

Recently Hazel it has been brought to our family's attention that these thugs are on face book and there is evidence that we are being told that they have placed pictures of themselves taking the mickey out of my son and bragging about what damage that they have caused to my son and left a caption to say in code Is he not dead yet?.

I have not seen this yet myself but i am awaiting a copy to be sent to me via fax today which makes me feel disgusted that these people are actually human and have no remorse for what they have done.

The reason why i am writing to you as i have met you on many occasions through Usdaw my union and have listened to you on many occasions about the fear of violence and now as a mother and a family i am reaching out to you to help me promote my sons campaign and for you as a great MP to highlight our situation in the struggle that we are having to get through all the red tape that is making a barrier for not only my family but my son Robert.

We tried for weeks to get the British police involved it was due to perseverance and determination and the help of Interpol to make them sit up and notice that we badly need their help. Also Hazel i have contacted my local MP who is Tom Brake and i have spoken to a member of staff in his office who returned my friends call as i did not have any response after my attempt to contact failed due to them not phoning me back.

I am disgusted not only because of this but when i did speak to a colleague from Tom's office all he said to me was in a very firm voice "What is it that you think that Tom could do for you Mrs Hughes?.. I would of thought Hazel that he would of said 'This is what we could do for you Mrs Hughes as your local MP to support you and your family to help you with this terrible situation regarding your son Robert Hughes and this vicious attack on him?.

Hazel, I really need your help and advice on how to move my sons case forward in Greece and to bring these 5 English thugs to Justice over here to face punishment on where they committed the crime.

Hazel i have two very important things on my mind one is to bring my son Robert home with me and the second one is to sit on the other side of a court room opposite these cowards that have destroyed my sons life in Greece awaiting their sentence's.

Thank you for reading my email and i really look forward to receiving your support and other MP support very soon.

Yours Sincerely

Maggie Hughes

(Mobile No: 07961 700 815)

P.S. To read more on the story and to see some pictures of Robert please visit GOOGLE and type in Rob Hughes in Crete in search icon. Also look on London tonight on the 7th August 2008 it will show a video footage of Robert and also on GMTV. Thanks

MALIA 2008

Since sending this letter i have been told yet again by the British police that they cannot help my son nor my family in this matter i now believe that its because the senior officers in the mps department cant be bothered due to financial reasons

What happened to my sons human rights and a duty of care to us as British subjects and the fact the the Greek police would look at my son case in a different way if the saw our English police getting involved.

I now have lost all faith in British justice and believe its about a budget not human rights that counts now days.
Please could you also support us to get the British police to look in to this and to do the job and investigate this crime

Mrs Maggie Hughes .The Mother of Robert Hughes.

Please pass this email on thank you.

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