Wednesday, August 27, 2008



Can some one tell where that English Reserve has disappeared to? Programmes like X Factor and Has Britain Got Talent has encouraged demonstratively over the top theatrerical behaviour, with contestants coming out screaming, crying, jumping up and down after just being selected to go to round 2. Then we have the interview where they try and convince the audience that they only entered because their Dad died or Mum has cancer or they were bullied at school or they sexually abused or they are homosexual or they so on and so on, their stories may be true, the English way used to be keep your composure but the true reason they are doing it is for themselves.
After watching the Olympics I notice this is creeping into Sport, have you noticed the histrionics after they win a match, race etc maybe a punch in the air that can be relief the game is over as well as a victory signal but that should be it. The most ridiculous was the our silver medallist High Jumper who every time he jumped cupped his hand behind his ear and rotated his arm so he could get the audience baying something akin to Hulk Hogan in Pro Wrestling, why? Or the Judo Player who done a backward somersault after winning Gold why? Their performance proved they were top class athletes.
I was always told to be Magnanimous and courteous in Victory, realising the disappointment of those defeated.
My opinion is a lot of this OTT behaviour is to attract the attention of the media so they stand out, the more publicity the better. How else could you explain the entry of Paula Radcliffe in the Olympics? Before the race she told the World she was not up to it and remember her entry stopped another British Girl competing “Shame on her” and who paid for her travel, accommodation etc Yes the British Tax Payer for some one who the press claim is a millionaire from her sport (something that take some believing) After all I have said the Olympians have achieved something and maybe they deserve media attention rather then the tacky celebrities which are featured. Those who really behave with dignity, Honour and stiff upper lip were the Rowers, Canoeist and cycling team, let hope our younger generation try to emulate these hero’s rather then the Druggy, alcoholic, self obsessed celebrities from the entertainment world

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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