Friday, August 29, 2008


Last weeks political attacks on the good nature of our next MP Gordon Henderson was quite despicable, it was obvious that the letter attack was orchestrated by his political opponents to confuse people. So let’s correct some of the inaccurate information:

Liberal Democrat Peter Morgan insinuated that the clean up campaign was just a publicity stunt by Gordon, well as an ex politician Morgan should have checked his facts, because Gordon has been involved in this campaign for some years, for those on his mailing list will know as we have had to put up with his endless photographs depicting clean up events. So a cheap shot Mr Morgan I expect to see your apology next week or will there be another letter twisting the truth.

As for the row about pensioners working after retirement, where did Gordian state that it would be compulsory for pensioners to clean up streets? NO WHERE once again the twisting of the truth by his opponents mind you after 10 years Derek Wyatt’s labour Government we should be used to Labour people being economical with the truth.
Gordon suggested that pensioners should be encouraged to help with voluntary work and get paid if necessary is there anything wrong with that? The problem is that this government sends out different messages one they say we need young blood and dead wood has to make way for young shoots etc. then they tell us we should all work till we are 70. The complaints about pensions should be linked to this as it is under a Labour Government that pensions have disintegrated I have colleagues of mine who wanted to retire at 60 but have to carry on way past 65 because their pensions on which they spent thousands of pounds on have become worthless, several have said they would welcome the chance to earn a little extra money in their retirement plus help the community.

As for Derek Wyatt I did send in letter last week which I noticed was not printed (but can be seen at I have taken out a paragraph which I reproduce here:

Mr. Wyatt spends most of his time trying to ridicule the Conservative and LibDems, while he should be trying to deal with issues like the Pension Crisis, Housing Crisis, Unemployment Crisis, Violent Crime Crisis, Price of Fuel Crisis, and Cost of food Crisis I could go on. Trying to score cheap political points is not worthy of any MP from any party. Mr. Wyatt and the Labour Government remind me of Nero watching the flames as Rome burnt, let hope the election comes soon before the UK becomes a third world country.

My advice to Gordon keep fighting for the people of Sittingbourne & Sheppey they desperately need a voice in Parliament not just a puppet

Martin Clarke Sittingbourme

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