Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was recently reading Derek Wyatt’s MP web site in particular an article which accuses Gordon Henderson the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate of being racist, as some one who knows Gordon I checked out what he said. It seems Gordon wants to buy a house in Goa India but laws there restrict him from doing so it seems that Indian law denies foreigners the right to buy property unless they are Indian or of Indian extraction, he went on to comment if this happened in this country there would be uproar. Now according to Mr. Wyatt this is Racism RUBBISH, what is racism is when the under Mr. Wyatt term in office the interest of legal and illegal immigrants have been put before the welfare of the indigenous population i.e. the British people and I include our friends from the commonwealth.

Mr. Wyatt spends most of his time trying to ridicule the Conservative and LibDems, while he should be trying to deal with issues like the Pension Crisis, Housing Crisis, Unemployment Crisis, Violent Crime Crisis, Price of Fuel Crisis, and Cost of food Crisis I could go on. Trying to score cheap political points is not worthy of any MP from any party. Mr. Wyatt and the Labour Government remind me of Nero watching the flames as Rome burnt, let hope the election comes soon before the UK becomes a third world country.

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