Friday, July 03, 2009

Henderson and Cameron

Gordon Henderson is the Parliamentry Candidate for the Conservative Party for Sittingbourne & Sheppy and I am pleased to say that I shall be voting for him just read the letter from him below and you will see why.

I think David Cameron was wrong to apologise to the Gay Mafia about Section 28 "the promotion of Homosexuallity is banned in Schools" The important word is promotion since the section 28 was abolished Gay Milatents are encouraging youngsters to have a Gay Relationship to experience Homosexual acts before they condem it! Cameron goes on to say he will increase Gay rights, I think there are a lot more important issues then Gay Rights plus what about HetroSexuals (Normal people) Rights, Cameron is being fooled by giving Homosexuals extra rights.

The Editor
East Kent Gazette
(via email)

Dear Madam

I would like to respond to three letters in this week’s Gazette.

Ashley Wise accuses me of defending “dirty campaigning” without spelling out the nature of that campaign. I can only assume he is referring to the Conservative leaflet which highlighted Derek Wyatt’s monthly £2800 second home expense claim and queried whether he was morally justified in claiming this when he no longer lived in the constituency. That was a valid question for which we make no apology.

Barry Pearson concluded his rather intemperate anti-Tory rant with a request that I set out my policies, rather than criticise our soon to be ex-MP. I will provide a comprehensive list of my views during the General Election campaign, whenever it comes, however, I am happy to give Barry a flavour now!

If elected I will continue to support the campaign by pensioners for a higher basic state pension and free transport on trains (in addition to the current bus pass).

I will campaign for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and if the treaty has already been ratified by all the other member states I will campaign for a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the EU.

I will campaign for controlled immigration and better border controls. I will campaign for a reduction in the amount of political correctness that bedevils our society and for zero tolerance of crime and anti-social behaviour. There is much more to come, but that will do for starters!

Finally, can I assure Keith Nevols that the youth forum held at Sittingbourne Community College was not a “Conservative Party promotion”. The event was organised as part of visit to the constituency by the Shadow Home Secretary, Chris Grayling MP. Chris didn’t want to hear what other politicians thought (he knows their opinion!) he wanted, and got, to hear the views of local youngsters.

It is quite wrong of Mr Nevols to criticise the police and SCC for taking part in the forum. I am sure they would have afforded the same courtesy to either the Labour Home Secretary, or, the Liberal Democrats’ Home Office spokesman had they visited the constituency.

Yours sincerely
Gordon Henderson

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