Saturday, July 04, 2009

Answer to Gay JB

My comments in last week EKG about propaganda being used by KCC in promoting Homosexuals received a response which I am pleased with it’s a pity the subscriber cowardly hid behind Address supplied, always destroys ones case when you try to hide. JB accuses me of being Homophobic which means the fear of Homosexuals and since this Nu Labour government came to power I am I am also have a fear of Ethnic minorities. Not a fear of being attacked etc but a justified fear that as a White Heterosexual Male myself, my children and my grand children no longer have equal rights as these groups, for example jobs which have no bearing on sexually or colour of skin I.e. Police, Fire Brigade and many other government departments are be offered to Homosexuals and ethnics only! This is wrong and I do not want hear no mumbo jumbo about jobs should represent society A JOB SHOULD GO TO THE BEST PERSON Capable of doing the job. Interesting enough JB compares homosexually as a religion that is how far Nu Labour has taken GAY rights to the level of a New Religion. I never condoned the persecution of Homosexuals and thought it was right when it was legalised what some one does between the sheets is their business but I will never understand and will agree that the physical act of Homosexuals is no more then a sexual deviancy and should not be seen as normal. The red herring of suggesting that it must be taught in schools because it alternative life style is rubbish the only difference between Heterosexual and Homosexual life style is one wants normal sex Male/Female and the other wants same sex Male/Male etc an alternative life style would be for example someone who wants live the woods and live purely of the land without any assistance. No you militant Homosexuals should be reminded that you are not superior to us and most of your activities are about you trying to justify your sexual behaviour, the few Homosexuals I know do not act camp, do not wear there sexual preference on their arm they just get on with life and in with the rest of society with no problems. JB dream is for people like me not to be allowed to criticise him or be allowed to have letters printed , so much fro free speech, so much for democracy ,
Bring Back Section 28 no matter what Cameron says
Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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