Saturday, July 04, 2009


I know quite a few of you read my Blog but it is alway a pleasure when you get a comment especially from some one you do not know. Below is a response, obviously this person has some problem reading and understanding English, obviously the protection of children is no major concern of him/Her. Keep them coming

8:39 AM
Giorio Gomelsky said...
What is it about a flat that would suit a "British subject" rather than a darkie?Perhaps it has electric lights. We all know that those bone-through-the-nose savages think that electricity is some kind of voodoo magic.And a Frenchman would, no doubt, be puzzled by the lavatory - how would he know that over here we don't defecate into a hole in the ground?Or maybe it would suit a "British subject" because the landlord's a great big racist.Just a thought...

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