Friday, July 31, 2009

Foreign Workers and the Horn

With reports that unemployment figures could reach 4 million, I thought you and your readers would be interested in a rumour that is floating around the town of Sittingbourne with regard to the new Morrison’s developments. It seems that Morrison does can not get the right type of worker from the local people so they intend importing 200 Polish, Russian and Ukrainian workers from their other branches, the reason for this is that they are already trained. My question is “who trained them? And can not the same people who trained them train local people?”
An acquaintance of mine was working at a very large farm in Canterbury drilling a well; he asked the Manager why there were only foreign workers doing the strawberry picking. The standard answer was “we can not get English people to do the job” yet when was the last time you saw an advert in a local paper advertising “Fruit Pickers wanted”? He then asked if could apply for a job, the answer we only deal with an Agency and yes you have guessed the Agency only employs foreign workers.
Two examples of why British Business are not supporting the English working man, they use foreign cheap scab labour to line their own pockets to make themselves and their share holders richer, pure greed. Surely the purpose of creating a business is not just about making money for yourself but surely to create wealth for the community at large or is this Christian ideal to much for Britain today.

Lastly a little bit of PC madness a friend of mine is a manager of a fork lift company; he had to attend a meeting of a large Supermarket company (not one that is in Sittingbourne) about a complaint made against one of his service engineers. It seems when he written a report on the work he had done he had used the phrase “The horn button was hanging of so I re assembled the horn which is now working” it seems the word “Horn” has sexual connotations its use could lead to a worker being traumatised, it was proposed that “Hooter” should be used NO as this had American Sexual Connotations as Hooter in the US could mean Ladies “Breasts” they have agreed on the word “Audible Instrument” this is perfectly true obviously I can not give the name of Manager as he would be sacked.
This is 2009 Britain Notice I no longer use the word Great,

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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