Monday, July 19, 2010

Burka Ministers should resign

Environment Secretary Caroline Spellman said women were 'empowered' by the freedom to wear the face coverings. Mr Green said a ban would be 'rather un-British' and run contrary to the conventions of a 'tolerant and mutually respectful society'

These are two quotations by British Ministers, can anyone tell me how by being forced to wear a mask you are empowered, this medieval way of treating women is disgraceful. Mr Green went on say that it would be Un-British, surely it is un-British for you to walk around with a mask over your face?
My main objection is one of recognition yesterday on BBC they discussed this matter and they had a British convert to Islam being interviewed, before she/he was interviewed she/he was seen walking round London on a Film. They then went to the studio where this women/man was interviewed my question is how do I know that was the same person and was it in actually a women? In our Judo club a lot of emphasis is put on Child protection and one of the most important points is making sure a stranger does not collect the Child so if some one turns up in a Burka how do I know who they are? Is it safe for me to release the children to them? If a guy turned up in a full face motor cycle helmet I would ask him to remove it for ID purposes and I will do the same if we had some one with a Burka.

This is once again nothing to do with being Un-British its to do with pandering to radical Muslims on the same day as this hit the headlines Muslim Bus drivers refused to let people with guide dogs on their buses No this is Un-British

I think more then anything that has upset me is the fact these two politicians Caroline Spellman and Damien Green have still not learnt the lesson of the past two years We the Public have told them they are their to represent us and our views, they are the servants of the electorate not the other way round with 80% of the population wanting the Burka banned they should listen, if they do not they should resign.

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