Thursday, July 08, 2010

No Compensation for Terrorists

Britain's dirty torture secrets to be laid bare: Huge payouts for victims as PM orders inquiry into security services

These were the headlines in the National Newspapers; in a time of economic melt down when taxpayers of the UK will have to suffer greatly, our coalition Government want to spend millions of pounds on an enquiry into our Secret Service are they mad? What will it achieve NOTHING for her Majesties British Subject but plenty for the Terrorists who will get millions in compensation which will be fed back to kill even more innocent people plus give them a massive amount of Publicity, has this government forgotten what they do to their prisoners i.e. cut their heads of with a knife. David Cameron and his Government will claim some sort of Moral high ground so these Millions of pounds will be paid to improve their image and of course let’s not forget the Lawyers who will pocket millions.
How can they prove anything the Secret Service by definition is a secret organisation? Are we honestly to believe there are going to be independent witnesses who will turn up and say “Yes M Lud I happen to be in this prison cell and saw this poor Muslim being tortured by being made to eat pork”. It will be the word of the Terrorists against the word of everyone else and I know who I will believe. Are we honestly expected to believe that the Americans just picked these people at random NO they were all arrested for a reason and why should we pay out for any terrorists it was the Yanks who arrested them and imprisoned them. This exercise is to appease the liberal left Guardian readers who exercise too much power in this country. I never thought a Conservative Prime Minister would bow down to these sort of people its about time our Government supported our secret service, I hope my local MP Gordon Henderson does not support this milk sop.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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