Monday, July 12, 2010

Is the Bishop a liar?

The Church of England are having a lot of problems with Women Bishops and Homosexual Bishops as I am not a member of the C.o.E. thankfully so, their problems are not my business yet once again I notice the Homosexual community want special treatment for their kind, I refer to Dr Jeffrey John not being selected as a Bishop. It has been reported that he was far from the best choice and his sexuality had nothing to do with his rejection but now the Pink Mafia had to make an issue out it. Not being selected was welcome by those who believe being Homosexual is a sin.
Now my understanding is that practicing Homosexual acts is the sin, being a non practising homosexual is not sinful. So why do I think Dr Jeffrey John should not be selected! When he studied to become a Church of England priest he was aware of the Teaching of the Church with regard to Homosexuality, if he disagreed with the teaching or felt he could not remain celibate why did he take orders in which he agreed to the teachings of the Church?
So I feel he can not be trusted as when he took orders agreeing to the Churches teaching he lied not only to the Church but also to his God, he should resign or be disrobed, I would feel the same if a Catholic Priest who should remain celibate started a physical relationship, it not about your sexuality its about lying.
He obviously feels that being a practising homosexual is not against the teaching of Jesus, therefore he should never have gotten ordained. He should have joined a church that had the same beliefs and maybe even helped to promote his understanding of the scriptures or he could have remained in the CoE as a Layman and challenged the Formal Church. If you joined a group which has rules and regulations you automatically accept them rules on joining but you not join ignore the rules and promote alien ideas if you do you will and should be thrown out

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