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Is Cameron betraying the British People

Please read this excellent article. Rather then an enquiry get CPS to take action against individuals on a criminal Basis

This torture inquiry adds insult to injury
By Richard Littlejohn

The most heart-warming image of the week was the picture of Davinia Douglass, horribly burned in the 2005 London transport bombings, now restored to radiant beauty.

In the aftermath of the attacks, Mrs Douglass was photographed running barefoot from Edgware Road underground station clutching a gauze mask to her face.

It was a haunting symbol of the carnage wreaked by the bombers, who killed 52 people and injured hundreds of others.

Five years on, after extensive cosmetic surgery and therapy, she has near-perfect skin.

It is a tribute not just to the dedicated medical team at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital, but also to her own indomitable spirit.

Mrs Douglass even has the confidence to travel by Tube again on her daily journey to work, epitomising the wider determination of the British people not to be cowed by terrorism.

So it is unfortunate, to say the least, that the Prime Minister chose the anniversary of the bombings to undermine the work of security services straining every sinew to keep our country safe.

David Cameron announced a fresh inquiry into allegations that British intelligence officers were complicit in the torture of Al Qaeda suspects. He cleared the path for multi-million-pound compensation claims from a dozen former detainees.

All maintain they were mistreated while under interrogation in Guantanamo Bay and other overseas jails in Pakistan and Morocco.

In which case, their lawyers should be seeking compensation from those countries where the torture is alleged to have taken place. We owe them nothing.

Let them take their claims to the courts in Washington, or Islamabad, and see how
It has been stressed repeatedly that no British agent has been involved directly in torture, but knew it was happening and acted on information obtained under duress.

What are they supposed to do? If MI 5 are informed by Pakistani intelligence of a plot to blow up a shopping centre in Manchester, they would be irresponsible in the extreme if they didn't investigate and do everything in their power to prevent it.

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This typifies our schizophrenic approach to fighting terrorism. On one hand, we pass draconian new laws and send troops to war in Afghanistan. On the other, we bend over backwards to give succour to our enemies. Only a couple of these men can be described as 'British' by any stretch of the imagination.

They are mostly foreign nationals, granted permission to live in Britain, who voluntarily chose to move abroad.

There seems to be convincing evidence of their involvement in terrorist activity. They were arrested variously in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa - on the battlefield, in Al Qaeda training camps and safe houses, or trying to board planes with fake documents. So why is our Government so desperate to embrace them? Why should British taxpayers provide them with Legal Aid, lavish benefits and foot the bill for millions of pounds in compensation?

Then there's the question of the European Human Rights act, which Cameron refuses to repeal in case it upsets the Lib Dems. So we will continue to give sanctuary to those who wish us harm and are wanted abroad for acts of terrorism.

Yesterday, this pernicious piece of legislation allowed Captain hook and another alleged Al Qaeda operative a further delay of extradition to the U.S.

The ruling came on the same day an American court heard that the men behind a plot to blow up the New York subway were also planning fresh attacks in London.

It is said that Cameron hopes the new inquiry will shame Tony Blair and Gordon Brown and embarrass David Miliband. He's wasting his time trying to score points. Blair and Brown are beyond shame, and Miliband is perfectly capable of embarrassing himself.

This is a monumental waste of time and money, which can only demoralise the security services and hand another propaganda coup to the terrorists.

The idea that British taxpayers must pay millions of pounds in compensation to comrades-in-arms of the fanatics responsible for the terrorist outrage on 7/7 is nauseating and an affront to justice.

I wonder how Mrs Douglass and the victims' families feel about this grotesque act of appeasement. It adds gross insult to their grievous injuries.

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