Friday, October 22, 2010

Budget hurts thanks to Labour

The Budget Strikes

All of us were bracing ourselves for the budget, already our Judo Club has had to drop its prices to keep members, I have several flats which I rent two of which are occupied by unemployed people who receive housing benefit they may have to move out because they will not receive the full rent, mind you in some cases cutting back on their luxuries i.e. takeaways, Alcohol, Sky TV might do them a favour health wise.

Yet I accept that we all have to make sacrifices but several things have annoyed me :

1) The press reported that a women in a wheel chair harangued the PM about losing benefit but had anyone asked what her income was and what her disability was? She may be genuine but a lot are not

2) That degusting wasteful European Union areproposing a 5.9 per cent increase in its budget at a time when public services in this country are being slashed and a lot of that goes on Jollies for the bureaucrats

3) Foreign aid budget to cost every family £500 with 17 foreign aid fat cats are earning more than £90,000 plus all the corruption, on TV the other day we were told in the Sudan the aid is used to blackmail Christians into become Muslim i.e. to Christian villages change religion or starve, how many of these countries receiving aid are also buying war planes, tanks etc. Time has come to recognize that Charity starts at home and if we are support these countries we need to over see them even take over their government.

4) Labour politicians who stand and condemn the cuts its because of them we are in this mess

5) Finally the Unions who screaming about Job Losses where they were when Immigrant Labour was taking British peoples jobs? 1.5 million foreigners have returned to take on Jobs while 5 million Brits are unemployed, unions start looking after the working man rather then getting involved in political strife

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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