Saturday, October 23, 2010

Richard says Martin you can not Spell

Thought you would interested in my latest bout with Richard Bailey on Face Book
This time it is about the Royals

Richard Bailey They are a phenomenally wealthy, publicly funded, work-shy, in-bred, unelected, public institution.

God bless 'em, I say!

Martin Clarke Lets have an elected President then you will see the expenses

Richard Bailey That's the spirit, Martin. If you can't make an actual argument just rely on cliches!
Martin Clarke They are a phenomenally wealthy, publicly funded, work-shy, in-bred, unelected, public institution NOW THAT IS A CLICHE a very tired one at that
Richard Bailey I know what to buy you for Christmas, Martin: a dictionary!
'work-shy' is an interpretation of their work patterns (admittedly using a certain colloquialism gut effect). Everything else I wrote is just FACT.
They can't be cliched because the...y are not frequently trotted out in place of an argument. And they are TRUE.
On the hand, implying that a US-style president is the only alternative to the monarchy is misleading. The Irish model (figurehead, without constitutional powers) if the most popular form I'm waste of.
That it will be more expensive is just guesswork. How could you possible know? What we do know is that the Irish President costs a tiny fraction compared to the Queen (not to mention her hangers-on).
And the pop about envy is so weak that it doesn't deserve a reply.
Therefore= cliche!See more

Martin Clarke I appolloggise for my bad speling unlike you I didnot have a Public School education or went to university and I am so grateful that I know some one of your such high intterlect and apprciate you ciorrecting me so I can keep learning otherwise I will have no future it seems Jane Austin could not spell and had bad grammar just think how famous she could have become if she had. As you you know I come from Kent and once worked on a farm so I expect my diction is incorrect as well. Thankyou

II expect you would like to see a President and guess where he would come from Yes one of the Political Parties most probably with money educated at a Public School and Unniversity Good God am I seeing a pattern here

Richard does stir up a debate Great Stuff

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