Monday, October 18, 2010

My reply to Skipper

Martyn Skipper posted in HATED BY THE DAILY MAIL

Martyn Skipper 17 October 21:33

I'd like to invite all my gay, socialist, unemployed Polish friends to join... oh yes, and all my intelligent, democratic, free-thinking friends too!

My reply
do not have any Homosexual Friends, I do not have any socialist Friends, I do not know any unemployed Polish I do know many unemployed British People but I see they are not included in your list, obviously as someone who did not go to Uni and left school at 15 to take an apprenticeship I am not one of your intelligencer, I have yet to find out what democratic means as for free thinking that was abolished under Harriet Harman

So I expect I will have to reject your invitation as I do not fit any of the categories
Will continue to read the Daily Mail and the Sun the largest circulating newspapers or as some say the Peoples Newspapers will leave the small circulations newspapers like the Guardian and Independent to the Left wing Professional Nerds

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