Sunday, January 16, 2011

Have you an answer

Recently we had a Morrisons Warehouse biult on the outskirts of Sittingbourne, when they moved here they promised that only 20% of the Labour Force would be Foreign Labour. Now local people are telling me this is not the case, they say Morrisons use a lot of Agency workers which are nearly all Eastern European? I do know if you go into ALDI on a Sunday you will feel an outsider in your own country and you will hear very little English spoken. Yet I contacted my MP and he tells me I have it al wrong Do I? Maybe someone from Morrisons can give us their exact figures,I doubt it. This government like our local press want to sweep the Immgration issue under the carpet.

Another rumor is the Tesco in Peterborugh got rid of the their staff and replaced them with Foreign Labour? That takes some believing

A very good friend of mine job is going round refurbished Supermarkets and snagging, that is repairing mistakes made by the original workforce. The worst are East Europeans who's work is shoddy, I questioned and said it is an urban myth, he tells me NO because they are not trained to our standards (As someone who has been to several Eastern European Countries I can believe him). It is common practise for foreign workers to buy forged work documents can this be true?

Finally when will this government change the law on Invoice Payment and Bankruptcy, small companies are being forced into receivership because large companies take sometimes 6 months to pay their bills or just do not pay at all, 2 weeks on receipt of invoice that should be the answer. How many companies go bankrupt only open the next day under a different name.

I had hoped things would change for the ordinary man when we got a new government but yet again ordinary Mr and Mrs Joe Bloggs is treated as collateral damage

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