Friday, January 21, 2011

More Anti Christian Behaviour by Pink Mafia

Once again the Pink Mafia are on the attack against Christian belief, This time it is because a Therapists trys to change someone from being a Homosexual to a normal sexed individual. The under cover reporter asked for this to be done she was no coerced in any way. Now I do not know whether changing some one sexuality is possible or whether you are born with this sexual deviance there is evidence supporting both. What is important is that the Pink Mafia led by that disgusting Stonewall should be checked in their continued attack on Religious belief which seems to be backed by the Government
I know only two people who are homosexual and both have said this continued attack by the Pink Mafia (they did not call it that) alienates them from every day society, they tell me their more homophobia then there was 10 years ago because of this.

Trial of therapist who tried to 'cure' gay man is halted after 'expert defence witness is intimidated'

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