Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PC nuts

This is a response to the ridiculous sacking of a Football commentator

Have the PC bigots never heard of banter, taking the mick out of each other

is the way the English bond. What is even worse is that the women concern in

the studio was not the one who complained just some busy body. I have

greater respect for women's ability to retaliate to this sort of banter by

using there own put downs. I have seen it enough times with my wife when

used to have a a bar, Men would often make remark her tongue would soon put

paid to them. Everyone will soon have a list of things they can say and

can't say. We will soon have a sterilised society but one thing is for sure

the next time a women tells me I have MAN Flu when I am very ill I shall

complain and sue them for being sexist. As for the TV advert where their are

two women who have a cold but are struggling on and complaining about their

men folk being at home in Bed. Well that infers that men can not cope when

they have a cold How sexist is that it should be banned from TV

These Women Libbers and PC Brigade want to get a life and come down from

Planet ZOG to Planet Earth

Martin Clarke

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