Thursday, February 10, 2011

EU Rip Off

THE EU BUDGET KEEPS GROWING At a time when every domestic departmental budget is shrinking, Britain's contributions to the EU budget have grown by 60 per cent in two years. This year, we shall pay £15 billion into the Brussels budget: more than twice what all the welfare cuts put together are saving, more than all the extra revenue brought in by the VAT rise. At a time when national governments, local councils and individual families are finding economies, the EU should not be exempted.


If bailing out the banks was a mistake, bailing out whole countries is far worse. First it was

Greece, then Ireland. It would have been far better for these economies to devalue and default,

pricing themselves back into the market, rather than be condemned to a generation of

debt, deflation and emigration, paying back their loans to Eurocrats on ruinous terms.

But the bailout policy was not designed to help these countries, rather to help save the euro. And if you think just because the UK is outside the eurozone that none of your money went into the bailouts, you are mistaken. Britain's contribution to the EU contingency reserve and its bilateral contributions amount to £5.7 billion. We may be outside the EU's monetary union,

VVikileaks recently revealed that the EU satellite project 'Galileo' was described as "a waste of taxpayers' money" by the CEO of the company developing it. Originally _ intended to rival America's GPS system (which the world can use without paying), Galileo will cost UK taxpayers £2.95 billion. For once, the word 'astronomical' seems entirely apposite.


To register your support for my campaign to cut our contribution:

send an email with the word 'BUDGET' to

or visit and follow the 'cut our contribution' link.

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