Thursday, February 03, 2011

Get Rid of Court of Human Rights Cameron you wimp

Get rid of Court of Human Rights

Prison vote vultures: No-win, no-fee lawyers line up thousands of convicts to claim compensation for being denied their polling rights

Cameron set for standoff with Strasbourg over rights of inmates
Of course we will have to pay do not give the scum a penny in prison Next step come out of the European Human Rights and tthe European Union, then tell the LibDems to tow the line if need be have another election with a new Conservative leader who is not a wimp

Read this article and see who sits in judgement

The judges who sit in the European Court of Human Rights make decisions which directly affect hundreds of millions of lives. But many of them have little judicial experience and some struggle to understand the English language.

Among those who backed an application to give thousands of British prisoners the vote for the first time in 40 years was a representative from San Marino.

This tiny European enclave has a population of 30,000 – the same as the market town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

The panel also includes judges from Albania, Armenia, Macedonia and Azerbaijan.

Before being selected, many of the judges spent their careers teaching law in universities – rather than practising it in the courtroom. A damning report by the former English Lord Chief Justice Lord Woolf savaged the quality of the judges at the Strasbourg court.

Lord Woolf found that some judges understand neither English nor French, the two languages in which the court conducts its business, and that as a result they do not ‘contribute’ to its rulings.

It also accused Euro-judges of going absent from their duties without leave and of failing to understand the basic legal principles on which the court is supposed to work.

Lord Woolf added that the huge delays in hearing cases at Strasbourg have thrown the court into ‘crisis’ and mean that it is breaking its own human rights rules.

The report was published in 2006 – a year after ECHR ruled in favour of British prisoners getting voting rights

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