Sunday, March 06, 2011

foster Parents lose out to Irons

Had to copy this article from Peter Hitchins

Who’ll defeat our Thought Police?

You may have thought that the Prime Minister was attacking multiculturalism when he made his militant-seeming speech in Munich a few weeks ago.

He is good at this kind of sleight of hand. In fact he knows perfectly well that Britain’s iron-bound ‘Equality and Diversity’ laws force us all to be multicultural.

The High Court has just made this very clear by trampling on the free speech and thought of a baffled and kindly Derby couple, Owen and Eunice Johns.

The judges pronounced that it was not yet ‘well understood’ that British society was largely secular and that the law has no place for Christianity.

Well, it is clearly understood now, by anyone paying attention.

They declared: ‘Although historically this country is part of the Christian West, and although it has an established church which is Christian, there have been enormous changes in the social and religious life of our country over the last century.

'We sit as secular judges serving a multicultural community of many faiths.’

What this meant, in this case, was that Mr and Mrs Johns are forbidden to foster any more children because they are not prepared to mouth the slogans of political correctness.

Note well, it is not even because of what they have said or might say – which would be quite bad enough. It is because of what they decline to say, because they do not believe it.

They believe instead in the Christian faith which made this country what it used to be. And the courts of England, turned upside down by the commissars of egalitarianism, now enforce this totalitarian concept.

The British State now has the legal power to punish us if we do not say what it wants us to. Once this idea is abroad, nobody is safe.

You might like to know that you paid double for this repulsive and shameful case to be brought. Not merely was it pursued by Derby City Council. (Bill £14,000). They were joined (with a separate legal team costing you another £14,000) by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

This is the body which said in court that the moral views of the couple might ‘infect’ a child – a statement they have apologised for, nearly six months later, after it got into the papers.

They claim it was a mistake. I think the only mistake was to let us know – too early – what sort of monster we are dealing with.

The EHRC, backed by the courts, is an actual Thought Police Force and Inquisition combined. It should be disbanded before it gets any more powerful. But the Muscular Liberal Mr Cameron won’t do that. Who will?


More fall-out from our shameful surrender to the IRA. Bloodstained Sinn Fein grows stronger daily.

Next step: the transfer of Ulster to Dublin rule and a grinning Gerry Adams in government in Dublin.

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