Monday, March 07, 2011

Things have changed since I was 15

Things have certainly changed since I was 15 years old; I left school with the basic knowledge of the birds and bees, only knew one person who was divorced and aunt, only single parent I knew was someone whose husband had died. The only time you slept with your girlfriend was when you were married, If you got a girl into trouble you married her, there was hardly any VD and I heard about purple hearts but never saw one let alone took one.

Now we have sex education from when kids go to school when they are 5, we have a TV programme telling kids of 15 and 16 how to get the best out of sex, we have the largest amount of single mothers in Europe and VD at all time high plus we are told 50% of youngsters have taken drugs and 30% have had sex before their 13th birthday. Am I the only one who thinks something has gone tragically wrong with this country and the continuing move to becoming a secular society has taken our morality to all time low or is it, as some think, the Ultimate Freedom of the individual?

I recently heard of a mother allowing her 15 year old daughter to sleep with her 17 year old boyfriend, she maintained she was being a sensible mother by having a contraceptive implant put in her daughter/.Has the law changed because I thought that sex under 16 was illegal and the mother is aiding and abetting? What damage is it doing to the girl physically, mentally and emotionally? A women who was promiscuous in my younger days was referred to as a Slag or slut, I am told today they are referred to liberated independent women, one wonders who is really liberated the Male or Female

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