Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fury at Fruit Farm plan for Caravans for Bulgarians and Romanians

Fury at Fruit Farm

Dear Editor

I can understand the resident’s fury at Caravans on Fruit farm run by A C Goatham, if this had been a application for a Gypsy Site the Council would have moved heaven and earth to stop it being approved, look at Upchurch as an example and that one looks well kept. So what benefit will the community get from have over 90 foreign workers from Romania and Bulgaria NONE what benefit will the country get from these workers NONE as I expect none will stay long enough to pay taxes. So who will gain obviously the workers they can send all their money back home but the main beneficiary will be A C Goatham who will be getting a load of cheap Labour and also will be getting rent for his caravans.

Let me suggest a novel idea for A C Goatham instead of building a mini village with caravans How about employing local Labour yes they will cost a little more and in all probability they will not work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and yes you will pay National Insurance contribution and PAYE but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you will be helping your fellow English men and yes your profit margin will be less but you will not need to tread on unemployed Englishman getting to the bank. Its about time these greedy money grabbing Fruit Farmers realised they have a duty of care to their fellow English but NO they will bleat on about how lazy the English are and they can not get any English workers and they have to use Employment Agency who in return only accept foreign workers. When was the last time this newspaper carried an advert asking for fruit pickers something common 20 years ago.

I will watch with interest when this goes before the planning committee and I will note how each councillor votes and I will remind the electorate about those who would support a foreign work force while Millions of Englishman are unemployed.


Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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