Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TUC Riots

• The riots in London over the TUC March have created a great deal of interest over the Blogasphere and Face Book. Most people agree that everyone is entitled to peaceful demonstration but the prediction regarding the crazies that hijacked the Alternative March was correct. When are we going to accept reality? Since the Students March it should be obvious that a large scale political march is impossibly without destruction and violence. The TUC must have known this would happen. So instead of demonstrating in the City why not demonstrate in one of the Parks you would still get the publicity and show your frustration without the violence and destruction

I think you all agree we should have the right to protest although some freedom of speech has been eroded through political correctness. I am happy for people to express their opinion and march if they wish but they cannot be so naïve not to realise that all and sundry will take the opportunity for their own publicity. For example marching with a CND banner implies that all campaigners for unilateral nuclear disarmament are against the cuts when in reality this would only apply to Trident. Likewise the Green Party whose agenda would raise the cost of fuel. Carrying any banner without consulting the members or at least executive is wrong for it implies the agreement of the entire group. Unfortunately the precedent of last year’s students’ march now means that the nutters will always turn up for a riot; they don’t need a banner.

Here is another suggestion. Although the cost of policing is paid for from the public purse, the cost of damages should be a liability for the march organisers. They would require insurance cover as you would for any public event. This could have a self policing effect as insurance premiums could rocket to unacceptable levels."

Most of this article came from Danny Decosta

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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