Saturday, December 31, 2016

Some comments on Honours

Below is some comments from the DM about the Honours Awards

What a mockery of our Honours system ! Knighthoods should be given for a lifetime of achievements . Much as I'm delighted at the achievements of our sports stars ..they haven't lived more than thirty odd years . So they hardly qualify for such exalted Honours . How pathetic this country has become , how shallow and how dismal . I'm getting to be embarrassed to say I'm British these days , and that is sad sad

Big fan of Andy Murray but he DOES NOT deserve a knighthood. He earns an obscene amount of money and enjoys a lifestyle that others can only dream about. Would prefer to see more community-minded people honoured; those who work tirelessly for charities and those less fortunate. As for the OBEs given out by David Cameron to his staff; I could vomit. Ramsay Jones for example, who has now elevated himself to 'friend of famous people'.

These honours usd to be given to people who had gone over and above their normal duties and had helped to do something and given service to others and not as today given to any old thing like running on a track, knocking a ball about or sitting on a bicycle.

I've just clocked up being in work for 47 years wihout one day being unemployed, claiming dole money or social security, I've raised two kids and served in the RN. When do I get my gong, or should I just go to Skeggy and see if I can fish mine out on the Lucky Dip? Because that's how much they're worth nowadays these so called New Year Awards.
I have just looked at the complete list of awards. The Armed Forces total about 100 awards if that. The celebrities and so called sports people total many times more. I will let the reader's of the DM decide whether or not this is right. Personally, this is an absolute disgrace and demonstrates what shallow and despicable people are in control of these awards. It is time the Queen said no to these disgraceful awards to shallow and selfish people.

I disagree wholeheartedly in talented sportsmen and women being given gongs. Yes.... They're fantastic at what they do but so are many other people who do more worthwhile jobs and earn in a year what these sportspeople earn in a day. Murray is a great tennis player but that's his job. He's done nothing else all his life. They are all hugely wealthy people..... honours should be reserved for people who serve the country to the greater good.... or commit selfless acts for no personal financial gain. The only saving grace in this farce is that Beckham has been overlooked again. Thank GOD.

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