Saturday, December 10, 2016


I am not 100% sure that Climate Change is what it says but do agree that we should cut back on what foods we import to the UK from a great distance and realise that the cost in terms of fuel is horrendous and also realise that fuel emissions from these journeys can not do the World any good
Now I am fundamental against waste especially when it comes to food, so when I was driving along the Lower Road between Deerton Street and Faversham I was shocked to see an Apple Orchard laden with fruit just falling off trees having not been harvested and most were on the Floor
Why they were not harvested I do not know and would like an answer but what I do know is 2/3 of our Apples sold in this country are imported and we eat twice as many from abroad.
This to me is disgraceful surely the time has come for all us to eat home grown products when available also we need to eat seasonally, this applies to meat as well as fruit and veg. Just look in your supermarkets and see the exotic fruits and meats we import do we really need crocodile and kangaroo steaks?
Us Car Owners are continually being made to feel  guilty because we drive cars as they are not good for our Carbon footprints and we pay the earth to have a car yet nothing is done to curb unnecessary import of food products who’s journey cause a massive Carbon Footprint

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