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Lilly Allen is a Hypogrite

Pulled this DM great story about Idiots especially the Hypocrite Lilly Allen disgusting women
Make way for the windbag and the wearisome who have made 2016 such a trial for us. See Obama is trying to cause a 3rd WW with Russia

• Pop star Lily Allen visited The Jungle and apologised 'on behalf of my country'
• Sir Philip Green said the collapse of BHS had been 'horrible' for his family, too
• Comedian David Walliams stars in a sketch show called Walliams And Friend
Champion of refugees, scourge of the British Army and the ultimate snowflake, even by her own standards of righteous idiocy, Lily excelled herself in 2016. Along with Bob Geldof, Yvette Cooper and Nicola Sturgeon (bores one and all), she promised personally to take in a refugee — but never did.
Instead, she put her home in the Cotswolds on the market for £4.2 million, complete with its 'party barn' and architect plans to build an orangery off the kitchen.
Why not turn this home into a refugee centre if you don't need it, Lily? They wouldn't mind about the unfinished orangery.
In October, she visited the Calais Jungle and apologised to an Afghan refugee 'on behalf of my country'.
Pop star Lily Allen (pictured) visited The Jungle in Calais, France, earlier this year and apologised 'on behalf of my country'
She then started crying and added: 'We've bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban and now put you in danger of risking your life to get into our country . . . I'm sorry for what we have put you through.'
Never mind that the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan long before the Army moved in and risked their lives to drive them out.
Never mind that there are many of us with genuine grievances, who have good cause to worry about the numbers of migrants who want to come to the UK and increase the burden on an already struggling system.
'These are problems caused by Tory cuts, not migrants,' tweeted Lily.
Perhaps she means well, but her sense of aggrieved righteousness, bomb-proof piety and belief that the Government can do no good grates in the extreme.
A message to everyone who makes that heart shape with their hands to denote love: please, just stop.
Sir Philip Green (pictured with his wife Tina) said that the collapse of High Street chain BHS had been 'horrible' for his family, too
Sir Philip Green complained that his wife, Tina, and their spoiled children, Chloe and Brandon, were going through a terrible time. The collapse of High Street chain BHS had been 'horrible' for them, too, said the beefy billionaire.
Excuse me while I waft this onion under my eyes. What a terrible shame for les pauvres!
Still, that didn't stop the Greens cruising the Med in their favourite yacht, dubbed the 'BHS Destroyer'.
What will he do next? In a further bid for public sympathy, the tycoon might protest that at least they always recycle their champagne bottles.
He and Tina have already flogged one of his superyachts, leaving him down to his last two. Apparently, Lady Green wakes up screaming at the thought.
This public show of virtue is new in Green-land — but are we convinced? Being decent and doing the right thing won't kill ya, but as Sir Shifty might say, why take the chance?
There is something about MP Anna that really gets on my nerves.
Perennially enthralled with herself, the former Minister for Small Business gives the impression of a woman who relishes her every TV appearance — then rushes home to watch herself and be impressed all over again.
Most annoying is the fact that Anna is the kind of Tory who is determined to bask in the glutinous approval of the fashionable Left. Perhaps she should do the decent thing and defect?
Whatever side of the debate, Soubry loves the sound of her own voice, especially if she is hectoring someone. Delighting in showy invective, she is often rude about soft targets, such as Ukip's then-leader Nigel Farage — 'I always think he looks like somebody has put their finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it' — yet she complains about rudeness and lack of civil debate in others.
Her claim that the Brexit vote was the result of 'white working-class Labour supporters' who have 'probably never even seen a migrant' appalled everyone, especially those in her own constituency — which voted overwhelmingly to Leave.
There, high-handed Soubry was deemed an 'embarrassment' whose 'directing of blame towards those voters is an indictment of why they voted that way'. Exactly.
Oh, dear. Welsh actor Michael Sheen is appalled by what he sees as the 're-emerging spectre of fascism in the West'.
Yet, like most refugees from the Land of Luvvie, he defines fascism as any democratic vote that didn't go the way he wanted, or any response to events that does not exactly mirror the rigorous socialism of his own.
Following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, Los Angeles-based Sheen tootled on the cavalry trumpet and announced that things were so bad, he was riding to the rescue — giving up acting to become an activist.

Following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, Michael Sheen (pictured) announced that things were so bad, he was riding to the rescue - giving up acting to become an activist
In a newspaper interview, he burbled on about 'the global rise of anti-democratic forces', and said that the political drift meant that 'I would work less as an actor, and possibly stop'.
Once the article had been published, the actor — who has a role in the new Jennifer Lawrence sci-fi film, Passengers — changed his mind, saying he was 'not quitting acting and leaving Hollywood'.
What, then? A little light leafleting on Rodeo Drive?
'Once I'm in, I'm fully in, and this is big. It will be a big change for how people relate to me,' he said.
Classic. In the end, it's all about him.
I'm sorry, but it is once more into the boredom breach with Fergie, who just won't do the decent thing and retire quietly to the Royal Lodge in Windsor and sob quietly in a corner.
Yet again, she is defending her work-shy daughters from 'bullies' who dare to question their value to the Royal Family or, indeed, society. How very dare they?
If Princess Eugenie really wanted to, she could start a 1,000-piece jigsaw — and finish it all by herself — while Beatrice might carry on the York tradition of creativity married with graciousness by coming top of her pom-pom making class. You can't say those girls don't try . . . the patience of the nation.
Elsewhere, Fergie boasted of her success on a diet comprising mandarins, tomatoes and egg mayo, and of a holiday cruising on the tycoon Sir David Tang's yacht. Apparently, the towels in her cabin were so thick and fluffy, she couldn't get her suitcase closed.
I also rest my case.
David Walliams (pictured) surprised Gary Barlow during the Royal Variety Performance on December 13
We have now reached peak David Walliams — how much more can the nation take? The new sketch show Walliams And Friend was a blitzkrieg of bore, a classic example of how good comedy can go bad.
In the episode featuring Sheridan Smith, a skit called Carry On Up The Sexual Harassment Tribunal summed up the horror: Walliams plays a caretaker called Mr Ballcock (oh, my sides), while Sheridan is tea lady Miss Jugs (guffaw).
It made one long for the sophistication of Cannon and Ball. Pleased with himself to the point of implosion, Walliams is fast becoming the creepiest man on TV.
'This seems like a solvable problem,' said self-styled protester Jude Law visiting the Calais Jungle this year.
Of course! Jude has played the Pope and Alfie, slept with the nanny and lived in trendy Primrose Hill — what problem is beyond him? He strode around the refugee camp looking troubled in his don't-look-at-me-I'm-famous beanie hat — but it was soon business as usual: back to complaining about being judged on his looks, not his talent.
In an interview this month, Law hit on the real cause of global suffering: 'I felt I was doing some really good work as a young actor, and it seemed people just wanted to talk about what I look like, as opposed to the work I was doing.'
The Shadow Foreign Secretary sucks up to Corbyn and sums up everything rotten about grandiose, entitled — she is Lady Nugee, after all — Labour politicians who are out of touch with their core voters.
She believes that voting for Brexit meant voting to take your 'neighbour's job away'. Says it all.
It hasn't been the best of years for Eddie Izzard and his pink beret — which looked like something that had escaped from Miss Piggy's knicker drawer.
Remain campaigner Izzard was heckled by a Question Time audience after a bout of triple boredom-rate ranting.
He was childish and incoherent on other shows, incandescent with rage at anyone who did not share his views.
Indeed, his performances summed up so much of the Remain smuggery that, every time Izzard appeared on TV, the Leave campaign were given a boost.
To add insult to injury, a man was charged with stealing his beloved beret during a pro-Europe rally.

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